Sunday, May 24, 2009


So yesterday i invited a couple friends over to come swimming! I had a lot of fun, but i really need to stop cause I'm getting darker :\ I hate getting dark, and my mom gets mad when i do! Haha! Swimming was fun but i hated getting pushed it & flipped like a million times! I have no picture or anything to share but hopefully soon(:

Today, I'm going to my moms company picnic. It's yearly thing, i find it kinda amusing cause you don't know who you'll bump into! Haha! I'm so happy its a three day weekend! I can just relax clean and over sleep (which lately i haven't been doing!) but yeah hopefully i can take pictures and share! TTYL!

1 comment:

  1. GO TO SLEEP CHESKA! hahah! yeahh grll. you needa put some photos up! I love pictures!! hope your 3 day weekend was fun!